Chessflash for WordPress???

Chessflash, a chess viewer program that users of Blogger may use to show games on their blog. As wordpress user i can only be jealous. In my search for the holy grail I have searched left and right, up and under, to not say everywhere, on the net to find such easy to use and wonderfull chess viewer as Chessflash that WORKS ON WORDPRESS.

Helas, i didn’t find what i was looking so desperate for. ‘The knights that say Ni, wouldn’t say where the program was hiding. Monty Phyton only laughed with my request to help and promptly made a little sketch in which i got the role of the village idiot. Next time i ask Benny Hill for help then atleast i can chase half naked women. 🙂

So, dear readers, i know you are all intelligent and helpfull people. Who of you know where i can find a ‘wordpress’ chess viewer?


They think so long

Last saterday it was my turn to go help at the IGM tournament (from 23 august until 31 august) my chess club is organizing with the help of the compagny Iventi. The tournament is named Iventichess 2008 since it’s played in the offices of this compagny. An IGM tournament isn’t cheap so Iventi had to find other firms to co-sponor the event. 10 other firms were agreed to step into the organisation. They are now the sponsors of the players, a firm per player.

When i was watching the games i saw something very strange. One should think that GMs know their openings but on all the boards each player spend an hour or even more to play the first 15 moves. I wonder what was going on in their head when taking so much time for the opening phase of the game. Where they running over all those opening lines they know of variation x of line c? Or did they look for possible improvements of opening c variation d line z? Why did they take so much time for those first moves? Do you know?

Some information about the tournament:

Website (pity it’s only in dutch)



Name age   Country Elo
GM Xiangzhi Bu 22   China   2710
GM Evgenij Miroshnichenko 29   Ukraine   2593
GM Rafael Vaganian 57   Armenia   2594
GM Zoltan Gyimesi 31   Hungary   2586
GM Jan Werle 24   Netherlands   2591
GM Jan Timman 56   Netherlands   2562
GM Kateryna Lahno 18   Ukraine   2507
GM Gerhard Schebler 39   Germany   2453
IM Bart Michiels 21   Belgium   2442
IM Geert Van der Stricht 36   Belgium   2426



Life games (each day start at 14:00 hrs)