I am a belgian chess player who is already 16 years addicted to the game of chess. I never really spend time on a study of this marvelous game. But slowly the coin fell and i couldn’t get around the fact that if i want to achieve my goal of getting over 2000 rating (national and Fide elo) i need to take chess more seriously.

My current ratings:

Belgian national rating: 1916 (higest ever: 1969); Fide rating: 1977 ; Antwerp commercial chess rating: 2033

(The Antwerp commercial chess federation is standing on it’s own and has it’s own competition. Only firms and compagnies that are located in Antwerp may play in this competition. I am playing second board for General Motors in the first division.)

My chess study:

I will focus mostly on tactics. For this i will use the TASC CD. Also i will be using the DVD Total Chess Training which include the programs Strategy 2.0, CT-Art 3.0, Endgame Studies 2.0, Encyclopedia of Middlegame and Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders.

I also got myself a chesscoach. You may know him since he also blogs under the name Phaedrus ( http://chesstrainerphaedrus.blogspot.com/ ). Who, if needed, will give me other chess work.

Can you help me?

I am a bit in the dark to what to put on this blog and how i should, can, do it. So if you have any hints, wonderfull ideas, then don’t hesitate to post them in a comment.