A narrative: Opponent knows all

With a disgusted gesture of my hand i pushed over my king. With a hard ‘clak’ sound wood touches wood. People from the other side of the room are looking up to see what is happening. This was the last chess game i played against myself. It’s to hard. My opponent knows all my plans and thoughts.



A narrative: I will!


English, a language that is used in many parts of the world.

English, a language that is not my motherlanguage.

English, a language most used on chess blogs.

English, a language i must master so that i can express myself fluently and coherent in my entries on my blog.

English, a language in which my vocabulary isn’t big enough to express myself the way i want.

English, a language … .


I love to write. I love chess. I wish i could say the same about writing about chess. It makes me pick my brain so that i dont forget the thiniest points. I want to tell the story correct, not missing any details.


Is what i write understood by those that read it? Do they learn something from it? Do they find it good enough to return when another entry is posted? Does it make their grey mass work? Does it answer their questions?


This to say that i find it hard to come up with entries. Entries that are understandable and meaningfull to you as well as myself. It’s not that i dont want to. My brain sometimes explodes with all the material i want to tell, put on my blog. But when i begin with the translation from dutch, my motherlanguage, to english sweat starts dripping of my forehead. My hands, usually steady marching over the keys of my keyboard, start to tremble of unknown nervousity.


I will not stop blogging. The love is just to great, i would miss it if i decided to stop.  I will keep my best to come up with intresting chess blog entries. Or must i say ramblings? I will do my best to find the correct english words to express myself. Trust me.



I will!