Chessflash for WordPress???

Chessflash, a chess viewer program that users of Blogger may use to show games on their blog. As wordpress user i can only be jealous. In my search for the holy grail I have searched left and right, up and under, to not say everywhere, on the net to find such easy to use and wonderfull chess viewer as Chessflash that WORKS ON WORDPRESS.

Helas, i didn’t find what i was looking so desperate for. ‘The knights that say Ni, wouldn’t say where the program was hiding. Monty Phyton only laughed with my request to help and promptly made a little sketch in which i got the role of the village idiot. Next time i ask Benny Hill for help then atleast i can chase half naked women. 🙂

So, dear readers, i know you are all intelligent and helpfull people. Who of you know where i can find a ‘wordpress’ chess viewer?


10 Comments on “Chessflash for WordPress???”

  1. likesforests says:

    I searched up and down and hither and yon and found one plugin for wordpress that generates interactive (or static) game boards:

    Here’s an example:

    It’s not as slick as ChessFlash (no download PGN option and the arrow keys don’t work to move back and forth in the game) but it’s something. It does have a flip the board option and you can expand or collapse the moves. 🙂

  2. chesstiger says:

    @ likesforests

    Wow, thanks for the search. It seems that the arrow keys for moving back and forth in the game do work for me. But you first have to click on the notation. Or maybe i just dreamed that.

    It’s indeed not so slick as ChessFlash. But i guess i have to do with it for now. Thanks again for your search!

  3. likesforests – great find. I definitely need that thing, will try it as soon as possible.
    chesstiger – thanks for bringing up this issue, I also tried to find something with no success.

  4. chesstiger says:

    @ Rolling Pawns

    You’re welcome.

  5. chesstiger says:

    Grrrrrr, since i am not hosting my own wordpress blog on my own server (which i dont have) i cant upload plugins since the blogs hosted by doesn’t allow it. So back to square zero for me. 😦

  6. rollingpawns says:

    I am not so disappointed, because maybe it’s enough for my few viewers to see only some moments of my crappy games, as it is now :).

  7. chesstiger says:

    @ likesforests

    Ouch indeed. I guess wordpress doesn’t like chess players. 😦

    @ rollingpawns

    I would have moved to blogger if it wasn’t so difficult to make the lay-out of the blog like i have it here. So for now i stay here at wordpress but i will have a deep think about blogger and blogspot.

  8. Polly says:

    Blogspot has a lot of different layouts. You can preview the different ones and see what might come close to what you have in mind. I guess if you have some html knowledge you can do other stuff. I’ve seen some blogs at blogspot that have cool layouts and graphics that aren’t part of the regular templates. I like being able to put games and photos in and easlity as I can with blogger.

  9. chesstiger says:

    @ Polly

    Yes i find that out when creating my new blog .

    I wish i had html knowlegde, that way i could create a wonderfull chess blog and wouldn’t be so desperatly needy for premade things.

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