A narrative: Opponent knows all

With a disgusted gesture of my hand i pushed over my king. With a hard ‘clak’ sound wood touches wood. People from the other side of the room are looking up to see what is happening. This was the last chess game i played against myself. It’s to hard. My opponent knows all my plans and thoughts.



6 Comments on “A narrative: Opponent knows all”

  1. Nice graphic. I too always get beat when I play against myself. How different from Bobby Fischer who always won.

  2. chesstiger says:

    The difference between us and Fischer is that Bobby became worldchampion. πŸ™‚

  3. likesforests says:

    Hehe. I like ‘shadowboxing’ (playing against myself) in the endgame.

    “It’s too hard.” Shadowboxing for a full game–yes, I’ve heard others say the same thing, that it’s difficult and draining. I believe you, but I wonder why? After we pick a candidate move, we have to consider our opponent’s reply. And since we can’t do that, we have to find our best countermove. In a sense, we’re always playing ourselves. Although I grant, sometimes our opponent’s move is a shocker. πŸ™‚

    Where’d you get the diagram? And what is Shaakmeester De Luxe?

  4. chesstiger says:

    @ likesforests

    In a way we do indeed play against ourself when playing a game of chess but then only in the analyse during the game itself. But there is a difference namely that the opponent at the other side of the board doesn’t know what we are thinking nor does he know our narrative. If one plays oneself we do know our narrative, analysis and all that. One even knows when one is swearing, praying or hoping.

    I dont know anymore where i did get the diagram. I think i googled pictures with the word knowlegde or something like that. And Schaakmeester De Luxe i dont know what it is, i just found that picture good for that post. πŸ™‚

  5. chesstiger says:

    @ likesforests

    After some research i found out that Schaakmeester De Luxe is a very bad chess program that is already out of sale.

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