Progress report

My chess study goes slowly but in a steady pace. I am using the Tasc chess cd 2. It’s based on the steps method created by Rob Brunia (who sadly died january 5 of the year 2005 at age 57) and Cor Van Wijgerden. It was created to teach childeren the wonderfull game of chess but it turns out also a fantastic tool for adults to learn all about the game we all love so much namely chess. It’s a succesfull method, prove of it are all the young players who now sport a rating over 2000 elo that i know learned chess with it.

Step 1 (click below on ‘the steps’ then on ‘ booklet step 1’ to see a summary what is in step 1) i went thru in a flash. The numerous exercises i solved without mistake. All 100% correct.

Step 2 (click below on ‘the steps’ then on ‘booklet step 2’ to see a summary what is in step 2) i thought i knew already but to my surpirse i made mistakes when solving the exercises. Either by miscalculation, overlooking something very simple or wanting to solve them to fast. Because of it, not having 100% on them all, i had to redo all exercises after i finished step 2 as ordered by my chess coach/trainer. The second try on all exercises i maked sure i didn’t moved to fast and checked my calculation to make sure i didn’t miss my 100% once again.

So now i have started step 3 (click below on ‘the steps’ then on ‘booklet step 3’ to see a summary what is in step 3). I am only at lesson 2, discovered and double check, at the moment. It’s going good, i am learning more about chess in a way i like and enjoy. What more a chess player can wish?

To end i will give you one of the exercises.


play the best move(s)

Highlight solution: []Qxg6+ fxg6 2. Bf8# ]


7 Comments on “Progress report”

  1. very nice blog, truly impressive results and chess accomplishments, indominitable commitment, and broad inclusion of quality links.

    greetings. i am david, aka DK and am a very close friend of Phaedrus.

    welcome aboard, and i will be adding your chess blog link. thank you, warmly, dk

  2. Today I decided that if I got a combination in the game (that I played online) I save that game in a special folder to recalculate the combination later.
    Some of them are intuitive or I see some moves, but not all, because the time is limited.

  3. chesstiger says:

    @ DK

    Thanks, have link in place towards you.

    @ Rolling Pawns

    That’s very good but the thing about solving those tactical exercises is to patern recognize so that when it happens in your game you can recognize it quicker and look for it without losing to much time.

  4. That’s a really nice mate. TCT got me on my feet in chess. I wish I had read ‘Idiot’s Guide to Chess’ while working through TCT, as they are nice complements to one another.

  5. chesstiger says:

    @ Blue Devil Knight

    TCT stands for tactic chess trainer?
    I haven’t read Idiot’s Guide to Chess but what i have heard about it that it’s all about the basics while for tactics you atleast must understand the basics (defend, atack, check, …). So may i ask how they complements eachother?

  6. Dean says:

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I’ve just enjoyed reading your entries and they look great so far. Hope you keep it up. Dean

  7. chesstiger says:

    @ Dean / Haunted Knight

    Thanks for the compliment. Like your blog aswell. Keep up the good work!

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