I am a belgian chess player who is already 16 years addicted to the game of chess. I never really spend time on a study of this marvelous game. But slowly the coin fell and i couldn’t get around the fact that if i want to achieve my goal of getting over 2000 rating (national and Fide elo) i need to take chess more seriously.

My current ratings:

Belgian national rating: 1916 (higest ever: 1969); Fide rating: 1977 ; Antwerp commercial chess rating: 2033

(The Antwerp commercial chess federation is standing on it’s own and has it’s own competition. Only firms and compagnies that are located in Antwerp may play in this competition. I am playing second board for General Motors in the first division.)

My chess study:

I will focus mostly on tactics. For this i will use the TASC CD. Also i will be using the DVD Total Chess Training which include the programs Strategy 2.0, CT-Art 3.0, Endgame Studies 2.0, Encyclopedia of Middlegame and Encyclopedia of Opening Blunders.

I also got myself a chesscoach. You may know him since he also blogs under the name Phaedrus ( http://chesstrainerphaedrus.blogspot.com/ ). Who, if needed, will give me other chess work.

Can you help me?

I am a bit in the dark to what to put on this blog and how i should, can, do it. So if you have any hints, wonderfull ideas, then don’t hesitate to post them in a comment.


10 Comments on “WHO AM I”

  1. Hiddenleaf says:

    Hi again,

    So this will replace your, except for the last post, dutch logisschaak blog at wordpress?

    I think the idea would be to write reviews, annotate your games or just certain positions, write about what you study and why, you progress or lack thereoff and other things that cross your mind and may or may not be chess related.

    There are a lot of inspirational examples on good chess blogs. In particular http://chessconfessions.blogspot.com inspired me and I always enjoy the style of http://chessloser.wordpress.com, just to name a few.

  2. likesforests says:

    Sweet. Whatever you can do to make it easier for others to comment is generally a good thing.

    “Fide rating: 1977”

    So you’re already a fairly strong tournament player. Yes, I know Phaedrus. 🙂

  3. Hi, I am from Canada. I think if you put whatever could be really interesting/entertaining for other people (not just for you) it will be fine. It could include your best games, historical articles, even chess gossip.

    Question: I am now in ‘B’ class.
    What do you think, as ‘A’ class player, I need to get there?
    You can answer here or on my blog.

  4. Sciurus says:

    Welcome to the chess blogosphere and thanks for leaving some interesting comments at my place. Unfortunately, I am pretty busy lately, but – hear, hear! – might move to Belgium next year. So who knows, may be we will meet in person some day!

    Aside from the reviews and game annotations, writing about your local chess experience would be interesting, too. I enjoy how international the chess bloggers are and always like to read stories on what players at different places do.

  5. chesstiger says:

    @ Hiddenleaf
    Yes, this blog will replace my blog logisschaak (dutch) and also the blog chesstiger at vox. Will check out both chessblogs you mention. Thanks!

    @ likesforests
    Yeah, easy comment options are always a good thing because lets face it, we do it partly for the comments. Otherwise we could just take a notebook and write our entries in it.

    I am not such a strong tournament player as my rating might may you believe. I have my ups and downs and lately i had mostly ups. But i have a feeling that the downs are around the corner.

    @ Rolling Pawns
    Their is no secret of going from one class to another other then hard work and implementing all that hard work in your chess play. Because it’s not enough to study your ass of, you have to implement all that knowlegde into your play aswell by playing on a regular basis. Don’t feel bad when your rating drops first, afterall, your rating will eventually follow your chess strenght.

    @ Sciurus
    Would be nice to meet you face to face and who know play some chess games aswell. Thanks also for the tips, i will keep them in mind.

  6. Thanks for the link to me, I added link to you too.

  7. Blunderprone says:

    Welcome aboard. I will add you to my list of friends.

  8. Blunderprone says:

    As for what to blog. I’d like to hear of your progress, what you are studying… chess games you are reviewing ( GM’s as well as your own) asking the bloggers what they make of a position that puzzles you or advice on how to play a position better. These are always good ideas to use for topics.

  9. chesstiger says:

    @ Rolling Pawns
    Good blogs get a linked by me. Thanks for linking towards me.

    @ Blunderprone
    Thanks for the tips and the links! I will link towards your blog aswell.

  10. If I had a dollar for every time I came to chesstiger.wordpress.com! Great post.

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